Stress Therapy

Measurement of stress and its negative health effects


Stress Therapy is primary based on the measurement of heart rate variability (HRV). The measurement of HRV is a modern and precise method to analyze the health status; it’s free from pain and side-effects. The HRV signal is measured with two clip electrodes on the wrists. Based on 300 recorded heartbeats we analyze how variable the heart acts to adjust to the different daily load situations.


The more coordinated the heart can switch between tension and relaxation, the better physiological processes work, like e.g. breathing, digestion, circulatory and hormonal regulation.


The HRV measurement shows the stress level of the organism in an objective way. Triggers can be health problems based on multifactorial genesis. The HRV measurement identifies and explains these factors. Detailed blood tests, saliva and urine analyses provide information about stress hormone level and possible deficiencies of body metabolism.



Based on medical diagnostics of our findings we plan and set up your individual therapy, consisting of pharmaceutical and therapeutic measures.



For whom is stress therapy suitable?


• for everybody as prevention

• for everybody with a high stress level who wants to know the negative physical effects of stress

• for patients suffering from insomnia, hormonal problems and psychosomatic complaints who want to find out the causes

• for patients suffering from burn-out who want to find their inner balance again





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