Each day our body is exposed to different kinds of heavy metals through air, water, nutrition, medication, dental metals, cigarettes or cosmetics. Some of these harmful substance accumulate in our body and can cause major health problems.



Possible diseases that can be caused by a heavy metal load or can be adversely affected negatively in a long term are e.g.:


• allergies

• autoimmune diseases

• general immune deficiency

• potency disorders

• metabolic diseases (e.g. diabetes)

• reduction of intellectual capacities, concentration disorders

• chronic inflammatory diseases (e.g. arthritis, rheumatic diseases)

• chronic exhaustion states (e.g. burn-out syndrome, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome)

• degenerative diseases (e.g. arthrosis, joint diseases, spinal complaints)



Our individual detoxification program was developed to eliminate toxins and to support the regenerating capacity of cells and tissues. The included restorative therapy program ensures an optimally supply of essential nutrients. All therapeutic concepts are being accompanied phytotherapeutically and include subsequent oral detoxification and restorative medication for using at home.



Some positive effects of Detoxification:


• degradation of vessel deposits, improved blood circulation, better skin texture

• improvement of the enzymatic processes in the cells of the vascular vessel walls

• increase the functions of blood platelets and red blood cells

• supports the cell regeneration especially in combination with the cell therapy



The specially coordinated preparations form the basis of the respective treatments and detoxification programs with following schedule:


• anamnesis


• physical examination

• individual regeneration plan

• laboratory diagnostics

• heavy metal detoxification

• urine analysis on 34 heavy metals

• detox infusion

• restaurative infusion program

• accompanying phytotherapy

• oral micronutrients after the cure



Basic Detoxification can be effectively combined with Cell Therapy. Combination therapy takes 7 days and starts on Saturday morning. When toxins get released through a detox cure prior to the cell therapy the cellular environment gets purged and is more receptive for regeneration processes. Detoxification therapy without combination starts on sunday.




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