About Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

A holistic therapy, effective for prevention and treatment of current symptoms likewise gentle and successfully used in pain medicine and for complementary treatment of cancer


- that is what patients and physicians wish for.



During the last 50 years laser light got more popular due to laser acupuncture. Furthermore dermatologists use laser for cosmetic interventions or different types of skin cancer which can be treated with a combination of laser light and photosensitizing substances. By now there is a huge variety of possible applications.



In a healthy body endless biochemical reactions take place simultaneously every second. This perfect and complex

system is the result of a highly differentiated communication in and between the cells of your body.

Illness can be understood as disturbance of this order.


Laser light is coherent, high concentrated light of a certain colour. Laser Therapy increases the energy level of cells,

improves blood circulation and supports the organism to restore the balance.



Science and experience set various biological effects:


• Immune System Stimulation

• Improvement of wound healing

• Regeneration of damaged tissue

• Improvement of blood flow

• Support of energy production of cells

• Inflammation inhibition

• Antiviral and antibacterial effects

• Improvement of blood circulation

• Activation of metabolism


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