About Cell Therapy

Organs consist of different cells and tissues that constantly renew themselves. Diseased or restricted working cells die or lose their balance. The cause of many diseases is a disturbed function and communication of the organ systems among each other. Health problems like immunodeficiency, premature aging with the loss of vitality, wear and tear, allergic or chronic disorders are mostly based on more than one single cause. For this reason it is important to consider humans in a holistic way having regard to as many health factors as possible. Other than conventional medicine that alleviates symptoms temporary with drugs, holistic therapies focuses on eleminating the cause.


Cell therapy is based on the principles of empirical medicine whose origin lies far back in the past. The cell therapy was already developed and applied in 1931 by the swiss physician Prof. Dr. Paul Niehans. At that time fresh cells were extracted from organs of donor animals and injected almost untreated to the patient. With this method the cell material was not tested for bacteria and viruses.


Based on the principles of the traditional fresh cell therapy our doctors have developed the modern cell therapy in which only cell extracts are applied that have passed the test for sterility and endotoxin content in a state-approved laboratory. This ensures absolute sterility of the injected cell extracts. The bioactive cell therapeutics contain all valuable ingredients such as mitochondria, ribonucleic acid, organelles, sources of energy like ATP and signal molecules.


The German Centre for Fresh Cell Therapy is the only institution worldwide that produces cell extracts individually for each patient in its own TÜV certified cleanroom laboratory according to GMP guidelines at the highest quality and purity level. The team of doctors is supported by laboratory physicians, biologists and specially trained laboratory personnel. Furthermore, the donor animals can be found in a unique closed herd in a natural reserve in the Alps. Only cell extracts are applied that have passed the test for sterility, endotoxin content, viruses and other mandatory requirements in a state-accredited laboratory according to GMP and European Pharmacopeia.


Cell therapy is an holistic alternative medicine and based on empirical findings for treating physical and mental complaints. This treatment is not accepted in the traditional medical science and as far as we know there are no scientific studies. For this reason, our statements and indications are based exclusively on experiences from last decades.


Our experience indicates that the cell therapy can regulate physical and mental processes, bring them back into balance, support the entire organism and thus assess the cause of complaints.


Experience has shown that the cell therapy can be used for treating following indications:


  • complaints of old age with physical and mental exhaustion
  • vegetative and nervous symptoms in case of chronic stress load, irritability, lack of concentration and sleep disorder
  • functional and organic circulatory and vascular diseases
  • diabetes type
  • signs of wear on the locomotor system
  • disorders of the inner organs
  • metabolic disorders
  • hormonal imbalances and neurological disorders
  • immunodeficiency, allergic diseases



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